Specialized production of all kinds of colored masterbatches, additives and fillers with polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene base for use in various industries using modern technical knowledge and modern machines

Production of specialized polymer compounds for use in the industries of packaging, pipes and fittings, automobiles, etc. with the highest quality, the best-specialized manufacturer of yellow polyethylene compounds for use in the indicator line of gas supply polyethylene pipes

Productions List of Sepehr Amizeh Razi

Color Masterbatches

The white film, tube and sheet masterbatch, Yellow, blue, red and black Masterbatch Calcium carbonate, barium sulfate

Additive Masterbatches

Antioxidant, dehumidifier, MFI control, process aid, slip / anti-block, gloss, adhesion, optical stabilizer, anti-glare, clarifier, antistatic, anti-chewing

Polymer Compound

Yellow polyethylene, flame retardant, mesh polyethylene, black polyethylene, adhesive, tough polypropylene, reinforced polypropylene, reinforced polyamide


Supply of powders required in plastic production processes

Your problem solving formula


Sepehr Amizeh Razi's research and development team, with the help of university professors, will be ready to provide various services such as analysis, reverse engineering, colorimetry, preparation of technical documentation for new materials and orders to our valued customers.


Producing custom masterbatches by order of the customers to increase productivity and solve the defects of manufactured products by using custom masterbatches and special compounds

Internal news of Sepehr Amizeh Razi Danesh Bonyan Company

Iran Plast Exhibition

Fifth International Conference on Masterbatch and Polymer Compounds ...

Yellow Polyethylene Compound

Adhesion masterbatch used for stretch film

MFR control masterbatch used for the recycling industry

Transparent masterbatch, clarifying polypropylene products

Along with the ever-expanding development of plastic into new applications and modern innovations, the plastic industry is required to meet the needs of customers. The process of forming plastic is carried out at high temperatures and order severe shear stresses that lead to polymer degradation. Plastic products must be able to be utilized for decades in environmental conditions, high temperature, sunlight, and moisture without any changes in appearance or function. Without Masterbatch use, meeting new requirements, solving the process problems, and helping to increase longevity, would be impossible. We, Sepehr Amizeh Razi, only offer one product, which is the solution for plastic industry problems. Sepehr Amizeh Razi's technical team is ready to design and implement a standard masterbatch for each of your issues.

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