Orange Yellow Compound RAZI100Y


Product name: Orange Yellow HDPE Compound

Product model: RAZI100Y

Color: Orange Yellow

Base: High Density Polyethylene


RAZI100Y is recommended for pressure pipe systems in the applications field of natural gas, and can be processed for the whole range of diameters. also shows excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation and slow crack growth


Processing condition

The actual extrusion conditions will depend on the type of equipment used. They will also depend on size and wall thickness of the pipe produced. The following conditions may be used as a guideline when starting up the extruder starting up the extruder:

Cylinder                                   190-210°C

Head                                        200-210°C

Die                                           200-210°C

Melt temperature                   200-210°C

For normal extrusion conditions and applications we suggest preheating and drying with a maximum preheating temperature of 90°C.Specific recommendations for processing conditions can be determined only when the application and type of equipment are known.

Storage & packing

Keep bags stored in a dry and cool place below 33°C, protected from sunlight & rightly closed to avoid contamation. A shelf in this condition may exceed 12 months.

The compound is packed in special 25Kg UV stabilized-laminated PP bags. Opening and dosing of the compound can be done without damaging the bag by just removing the topstitching


RAZI100Y is not classified as dangerous preparation.

Dust and fines from the product carry a risk of dust explosion. All equipment should be properly earthed. Inhalation of dust should be avoided as it may cause irritation of the respiratory system. Small amounts of  fumes are generated during processing of the product. Proper ventilation is therefore required.


The product is suitable for recycling using modern methods of shredding and cleaning. In-house production waste should be kept clean to facilitate direct recycling.

A Safety Data Sheet is available on request. Please contact us for more details on various aspects of safety, recovery and disposal of the product.